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What Type of Action Taker Are You?

Knowing your approach to action-taking will enable you to better use your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, and create strategies to navigate future challenges in your life and business!


Stop Getting in Your Own Way!


  • Feel too tired?

  • Procrastinate?

  • Doubt yourself?

  • Speak with negative self-talk?

  • Under-prioritize yourself?

  • Expect more from yourself than humanly possible?

  • Do NOTHING because there is just TOO MUCH to do?

  • Overcommit?

  • Overthink?


If you answered YES to any of the above, it is time to stop the self-sabotage!


Not sure how to? 


That's where I come in!

I’m Anjannette, also known as the Change Artist, and I’ve committed my entire life to helping others become better action takers so they can discover who they really are and what they are truly capable of becoming.

What Type of Action Taker Are You?

Wondering why you aren’t making much progress as you’d like? 

Want to learn how to condense time to make your progress and growth happen faster?

Start by taking this quiz to discover your approach to action taking and your goal-getting personality.


Hey Lady, I See You!


  • Your life is good, but you know it can be better…richer…more fulfilling. 

  • You can always help others but when it comes to helping yourself in life, things seem to be out of your control.

  • You want to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

  • And you know YOU are the biggest obstacle keeping you from what you want.


It’s time to get unstuck and start taking action. Work with me and together, we’ll get you to the next level- the place that feels so near to your heart, but impossible for you to reach.

 As a teacher, life coach, and consultant, I help professional, high achieving, women get out of their own way and start taking the action necessary to create the life and feelings they desire.

You can keep doing it all on your own and getting the same results, or you can partner with someone who’s been where you’ve been, knows what you’re capable of, and EXPECTS you to follow through.



Isn't it time for you to get the results you’ve been dreaming of ?

Start With This Free Resource 

Want to get more done right now?

Download my free guide here-

6 Tips to Get S#%t Done- For Women Who Know What They Want, But Are Too Busy Getting in Their Own Way to Achieve It!

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Client Testimonials

Anjannette has a real knack for helping identify your passions in life and making you realize those passions can be utilized in an entrepreneurial spirit. During our sessions, she would always go back to what truly makes me happy.  She listened intently to the plethora of ideas floating around in my head about how to use resources at my fingertips.  She asked key questions and listened as I kept going back to the same ideas, all the while keeping my “day job” front and center.  She truly made me realize that it was imperative I listen to my gut, otherwise known as passion in this instance.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I am still listening to my gut and pounding out new ideas every day to utilize and repurpose materials in a creative way.  Much like a therapist, only she pulls out your passions, which translate to happiness within.

Anjanette excels in her profession as a coach and will push you in the direction you were meant to go in.



Urban Ethel

I’ve been coaching with Anjannette for many years now, she’s an amazing listener, totally focused each and every time and follows my story and always remembers my trajectory. She has a great sense of humor and is extremely understanding and never judges. We had some shared life experiences and it was very comforting to know that someone knew where I was coming from. I highly recommend Anjannette for coaching or if you just need someone to be a really good listener.  She is enthusiastic, empathetic and always patient. I always feel like Anjannette is personally invested in my life experience improving.


Denise N.


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