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Do You Have Room In Your Life For Success?

One of the reasons you may be getting in your own way (self-sabotaging) is because you haven’t made room for the success you want to achieve in your life.

It’s sort of like doing laundry, everything is fine and easy until the clothes come out of the dryer and you need to put them away.


I don’t mind the folding (it gives me an opportunity to watch the ID channel AND be productive), but I hate the “putting away.”

My drawers and closet space are full, and my kids’s drawers and closet spaces are a mess.

Yes, I’ve Marie Kondo rolled the shit out of my clothes, but everything is still squished in there. Besides, once she had kids, she learned like the rest of us that all those “great” ideas flew right out the window.

The fact is, the only way to change it or make it be a better experiences it to make more room, and the only way to do that is to get rid of some stuff.

Stuff I don’t want to deal with because I’m holding on to them for sentimental reasons or “just in case” reasons- a LOT of just in case reasons, which I’ve reminded myself over the years, just reflects a disbelief in my ability to handle shit.

If I throw away a shirt that would be a GREAT costume for an 80s party, and need another one, guess what? I can freaking buy another one. Or borrow one. Or cut the neck to the sleeve and turn any shirt into Flashdance style.

It’s easy really, and I am capable of handing shit as it comes my way.

So are you.

You won’t have room for your new sexy outfits if your drawers and closets are filled with all of your “big” clothes. What message is that sending?

You won’t have room for a successful business, if your schedule is full of stuff that isn’t serving you or your business.

You won’t have room for a healthy relationship, if your life is full of dealing with unhealthy ones.

And deep down you KNOW this, so you procrastinate, you “over perfect,” you get overwhelmed, you freeze, you complain, and maybe you even cry- but know what you DON’T do?

You don’t make room for the stuff, things, and life you want.

And as long as you continue to do this, you will fall short of your goals, dreams, and ultimate happiness every time.

For years I wasn’t being vocal at all about my business, and even today, I struggle with being as vocal as I should. In the back of my mind I would sometimes think, “Where would I have room for a new client in my already crazy schedule? What if I can’t help? What if I make some mistakes?”

And so I made sure I never had to deal with any of those issues, by shushing and keeping my business to myself and the few people in my life who weren’t going to ever buy my services because they weren’t my ideal client.

What do you want more of in your life, but can’t seem to achieve it?

Have you made room for it?

Are you sure?

This is the stuff I love guiding my clients to working through. You’d be surprised at the things you “know” but won’t say out loud.

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