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You Scored Mostly B's you are a
Put It Off Pamela.

     Pamela has dreamed about her big goals for years, but she habitually delays important tasks and responsibilities, often waiting until the last possible moment to take action.
     Pamela's life is a continuous cycle of postponed goals, missed deadlines, and mounting unfinished business. While she may have ambitions and dreams, her inclination to procrastinate holds her back. Her days are often marked by a sense of urgency and stress, as she rushes to complete tasks she could have tackled earlier. 
     Pamela’s life is a constant struggle between the desire to achieve and the habit of putting things off, resulting in unfilled potential and the frequent feeling that time is slipping away. 

Much like Scarlett O’Hara said, “I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow, “ dealing with things right now really isn’t your thing. 


You spend most of your time waiting for the perfect time; the perfect conditions, feelings, weather, lighting…okay you get the picture.


Before you know it, years go by with little to no progress in your life, personally or professionally, and you can’t understand why your health is declining, you're struggling with time management issues, and your stress and anxiety levels seem to be off the charts.


If you don’t take charge of it soon, you’ll find yourself dealing with regrets of squandered time and missed opportunities in the very real time of the present. You won’t be able to put those off.


You will definitely benefit from getting to the heart of your procrastination and devising steps and strategies to overcome it.


I recommend a deep dive 1:1 procrastination one time session with me. During that time we’ll address one thing you continue to procrastinate, figure out WHY you’re doing it, and create strategies that work for you to overcome it.

You can also benefit from my Voxer services (having access to me in order to trouble shoot what you're going through and get over the procrastination block faster).



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