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Deep Dive Session

DEEP Dive Coaching Session

You want to get to the bottom of why your progress is moving slower than you'd like and you're ready to create strategies to overcome obstacles and start taking action to build your skills and strengthen your talents.


If this is where you are right now, a Deep Dive Session is just what you need.


This is a good package for you if:

  • There's one thing you really want to achieve, but feel like you keep starting, stopping, and starting over.

  • You’re in need of fast, focused support.

  • You’re dealing with a specific challenge or obstacle in your way


This includes:

*Pre-session info form.

*90 minutes of coaching via phone or online conferencing meeting

*Plan with strategies to address expected obstacles as they arise

*One week of Voxer support.

*Follow up “check- in” via email for two weeks.


Deep Dive Coaching Session Cost is $200.00

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