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You Scored Mostly D's You Are A
Last in Line Layla.

     Layla struggles with reprioritization issues. Her life is marked by a perpetual reshuffling of priorities, often putting her own goals and well-being on the back burner in favor of attending to others or immediate crises.
     Layla’s days are characterized by a constant sense of urgency as she jumps from one task or responsibility to the next, leaving her own ambitions and personal growth perpetually postponed. While she’s a reliable source of support for friends and family,
     Layla often neglects her own needs and long-term objectives. Her life is a series of well-intentioned but frequently unmet personal goals, as she constantly finds herself at the end of the line in terms of priority.

Living a life of constant reprioritization can result in unfulfilled potential and some serious regret- even resentment- because you’ve spent your whole life putting others first, never keeping the promises you make to yourself.  It should be no surprise that you often feel emotionally and physically burnt out because you are constantly experiencing heightened stress and anxiety with all the switching around to meet multiple demands at once.

The worst part? After a while, when you’re feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life, those feelings of giving and supporting may turn into feelings of resentment for those you do love and like because you end up blaming them for the time you chose not to spend on yourself. 

It’s crucial to find a balance between attending to the needs of others and addressing your own goals and well-being. Recognizing the potential consequences of constant reprioritization can help you make informed choices to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. 


I recommend a deep dive 1:1  one time session with me. During that time we’ll address how and when you reprioritize, establish some personal boundaries and rules that you feel comfortable implementing the next time the urge to put someone’s needs before you. 


You can also benefit from my Voxer services (having access to me in order to trouble shoot and reevaluate issuses each month)  and my private podcast as support.

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