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You Scored Mostly E's You Are A
Fearful Figgy.

     Figgy’s life is dominated by an overwhelming fear of failure. Her choices and actions are heavily influenced by her constant worry about making mistakes, falling short of expectations, or experiencing setbacks. As a result,
     Figgy often hesitates to pursue her dreams and ambitions, avoiding risks and challenges. Her life is marked by a sense of missed opportunities, as she frequently chooses to remain within her comfort zone rather than taking the steps necessary for personal failure often holds her back, preventing her from fully realizing her own capabilities and the life she envisions.

Spending your life trying to constantly avoid failure is exhausting and unfulfilling. In order to avoid losing the race, you skip out on the whole race altogether. You miss the experience. You miss the lessons. You miss the growth. You miss the FUN.


Over time you’ll begin to regret allowing your “what ifs” stand in the way of your dreams and passions.  Your self-esteem and self-worth are negatively impacted because you rarely give yourself the opportunity to try and complete the “hard” things. And you know what?

Your comfort zone gets even smaller! The bubble in which you are most comfortable and try to stay in at all costs is now the size of your apartment or bedroom. 


It’s important to overcome this fear by working on building your self-confidence, reframing her perspective on failure as a learning opportunity, and gradually facing her fears to take steps toward her goals and aspirations. 


I know what it’s like to be a Fearful Figgy, after all, I named her after me. This was my primary action taking style for years and it kept me from living in my greatness and being truly happy. I changed it around and so can you.

You can benefit from a deep dive 1:1 one time session with me. During that time we’ll address what’s holding you back in one area, and create a plan to start expanding your relationship with “failure” while creating momentum for action and building your  confidence.


You can also benefit from my Voxer services (having access to me in order to trouble shoot and reevaluate issues each month)  and my private podcast as support.

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