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You Scored Mostly A's you are a
Go Getter Gabrielle.

     Gabrielle approaches life with an unwavering determination to follow her passions and dreams. Her life is a tapestry of adventure and personal growth, marked by taking calculated risks, embracing discomfort, and continuously seeing new challenges.
     Gabrielle thrives on exploring uncharted territories, both in her career and personal life, and she actively seeks opportunities for learning and development. Her days are filled with a sense of purpose and a drive to achieve her goals, and she’s unafraid to step beyond her comfort zone.             Gabrielle’s life is a testament to the incredible experiences, achievements, and personal growth that come from embracing her desires and pursuing her dreams with vigor and determination.

Like Gabby, you know life is short and you don’t take anything for granted. You take a proactive approach to life by staying actively engaged in activities that bring you joy and satisfaction and taking control of your own future.


 Because you have a deep understanding of your values, passions and purpose, you continually develop new skills, knowledge, and experiences. 


Your approach creates a positive impact on those around you because you  often inspire others to pursue their own dreams and passions.

Ultimately,  you are more likely to experience lasting happiness and contentment as a result of living a life aligned with your true desires.


On occasion, you may need to refocus or someone to remind you of the go-getter that you are. That doesn’t make you any less of a badass, as a matter of fact, you’re MORE of a badass because you know how to set up support to keep you from getting in your own way as all us humans do at times.


 I recommend my Voxer services and/or my private podcast as support.

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