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That Thing You Need to Change NOW

Have you ever had a moment when you realized, if I don’t change this one thing, NOTHING ELSE will ever change?

Nothing! And you’ll forever be stuck feeling like you’re falling short, that you’re less than, and “could have” done more?

It could be something big like a big move, or a job, or a relationship (I’ve had experiences with all 3 of these).

Or it could be something that seems small, but is affecting you in a huge way-your eating habits, sleeping habits, your tendency to overcommit, people pleasing, or procrastination- all the things we do to get in our own way.

I’ve experienced many of the smaller moments.

While seemingly no big deal, the “smaller” issues are the easiest to ignore or just accept.

They are also the things holding us back the most!

Most of these things (which are really habits) we eventually begin to associate with being a part of who we are, whether it’s a character flaw or inherent personality trait handed down from our mom or the aunt who was always late to everything.

We then spend most of our waking moments complaining about all the things that are happening because of them. Of course, this doesn’t help. It just wastes more of our time and energy. And it further supports the fallacy that these habits are part of our DNA.

But what about those times when we are able to make SOME changes?

We feel good for a little while, but because they’re easy to slip back into, we end up even more discouraged when the habits begin to take over again.

Unlike those bigger life changes that usually start with one swift decision and the action to follow through, these suckers keep coming back and taking over our lives again.

Changing our habits takes more work, more time, and more energy.

Most of us can’t afford the energy to even THINK about changing, much less follow it up with actions.

The worst part of it all is that when we don’t make these changes and we accept the “nothing” changing scenario, we end up feeling even less capable than when we started.

I definitely feel like my 3 big changes were much easier overall than the smaller ones. It took YEARS and lots of personal disappointments to stop people pleasing and over committing.

As I am get older, I don’t have the time to make as many mistakes as I used to when it comes to making personal changes and self-improvement. I have to get this stuff done now, because I still have a lot of people to reach.

Now I work a little smarter. I turn to my coaches for help and reminders when it comes to procrastination and poor time management.

The one I am currently working on is time management- or more specifically- making a schedule for myself and sticking to it.

I HATE being tied to a schedule to do things. I have always considered myself a more spontaneous person, but I have to be honest, the only “spontaneous” things I do are take naps, watch Dateline or the ID channel, and mindlessly snack.

I can use a LOT less spontaneity and a lot more scheduled time to get s#&t done!

What’s your “thing”?

What is the one thing that must be done so that all the other stuff can fall into place (or at least fit in its place a little easier)?

Comment below!

Next week I will follow up with some ways you can start making progress towards that change- and it doesn’t have to be miserable like it has in the past!

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