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Who Are You Doing It For?

"If I had a chance I’d ask the world to dance,

And I’d be dancing with myself."

While I actually prefer dancing by myself, I can’t say I don’t like the idea of not having an audience.

It’s the same with writing sometimes for me.

I enjoy writing though I think I’m a better dancer than a writer, but I don't enjoy doing it in a vacuum.

I set a goal to write a blog post each week and to email (my currently tiny) email list once a week back in January, and I’ve done it. Every. Single. Week.

But this week I'm at Wednesday with no post and I always have a post up by Tuesday night.

It's because I've been thinking a lot about writing and asking why does it even matter if no one is reading it?

I mean, after all, if I dance in the forest and no one is there to see me, did I even shake my butt hard enough? (I think the saying goes something like that)

So if I write each week and no one reads it, what’s the point?

And then I remembered a question I was reminded of a few weeks ago by a coach I follow, “Who am I in business for?” My immediate answer was ME.

Yes, I desire to help people. I believe my purpose has always been to serve.

But if you ask me why I want to serve in this way, coaching, writing, teaching, it’s because it’s the way I prefer. It’s the way that means something to me. It’s the way of serving that makes me happy down in my soul.

So when I asked myself, “Who am I writing for?” Again, the answer was me. I try to tell myself it’s for you, but it’s always for me first. It’s for me to share what I have, what I know, what I’ve experienced with you, because that is how I desire to serve.

So I wrote this post and shared it here, on my. I also shared it on my social media.

And tonight, whether anyone reads this, I’ll know that II kept my promise to myself and I’ll feel happy down in my soul.

What more could we want for ourselves?

Are you following your purpose in the way that makes you happy deep down in your soul?

If you aren’t, maybe it’s time.

I can help.

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