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You Scored Mostly C's You Are A
Comfy Cassandra.

     Cassandra has built her life within the confines of her comfort zone. She thrives on predictability and routine, preferring the familiar to the unknown.
     Cassandra has a stable job that she’s held on for many years, and she seldom seeks opportunities for advancement or change. Her social circle consists mainly of long-time friends, and she rarely ventures beyond her familiar surroundings. While she enjoys the security and safety of her comfort zone, her life can be described as uneventful and lacking in new experiences or personal growth.
     Cassandra is content in her established routines but she may be missing out on the excitement and enrichment that come from stepping beyond her comfort zone.

Your comfort zone has its place and can not only be necessary, but good for you, in certain situations. However, spending your life in this tiny circle of comfort prevents you from experiencing new challenges and without challenge, there is no growth. There is no change.


A life spent mostly in the comfort zone gives you a narrow perspective on the world and you may lack the exposure to different cultures, different ideas, and different experiences. 

 Staying in your own bubble also leads to boredom and missed opportunities. It can make it much harder for you to develop new skills or take on more ambitious goals and lead to reduced resilience- which you absolutely need a ton of to live in this crazy world. 


I know first hand how staying in your comfort zone will keep you down and out. I recommend my short course called What's Holding You Back From The Life You Want.

You can also benefit from a deep dive 1:1 one time session with me. During that time we’ll address what’s holding you back in one area, and create a plan to start expanding your comfort little by little to build momentum and your confidence.


You can also benefit from my Voxer services (having access to me in order to trouble shoot and reevaluate issues each month)  and my private podcast as support.

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