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Know What You're Missing Out On?

We’ve all experienced procrastination at one point or another (and another) in our lives.

It’s easy to put things off and tell yourself that you’ll do it later, but the reality is that procrastination can have serious consequences, ones we often don’t think about because we’re so used to procrastination being a “thing” for everyone.

Procrastination can lead to missed opportunities, lower productivity, and increased stress levels (like we ANY help with this).

I can think of numerous times procrastination has led to every single one of those for me.

It is definitely one of the many ways I’ve gotten in my own way in the past, and sometimes still do in the present.

That’s why I feel it’s important to learn how to beat procrastination and reap the benefits that come with it.

Benefits? Yes, there are definite benefits to beating procrastination and NO it’s not just getting a project done earlier so you can catch up on Love is Blind Season 4.

These are the other benefits of beating procrastination:

  1. Increased productivity

Who couldn’t benefit from getting MORE done? (Notice, I didn’t write “doing” more but getting more done. There’s definitely a difference). When you stop putting things off and start tackling tasks head-on, you get more done in less time. This not only helps you feel more accomplished but also gives you more free time to do the things you enjoy.

2. Reduced Stress

“Say what?” you ask, as you’re figuring out what else you can put off and add to tomorrow’s to-do list so you can watch just one more episode of Dateline.

Procrastination can be incredibly stressful. When you put things off, you often end up rushing to get them done at the last minute, which can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. By beating procrastination and tackling tasks early, you can reduce this stress and feel more in control of your life.

3. Improved quality of work

Let me guess, you work BEST under pressure? I’ve used that one a lot in my life, especially during high school and college. Why start the paper now when I could be working on it at 3am the day it’s due? I mean that’s going to produce my best work, right?


When you rush to get things done at the last minute, the quality of your work can suffer. By beating procrastination and taking your time to complete tasks, you can produce higher-quality work that you can be proud of.

4. More opportunities

Yes, while you’re out there complaining about not making new friends, not finding clients, not progressing on your goals, ask yourself if you’d be ready right now to do any of those if given the chance.

Most of us want the opportunities but refuse to get ready for them while we’re waiting.

We also keep putting off our daily to-dos, in order to do things that aren’t that exciting, so when we do get an exciting opportunity, we’re too far behind in everything to be able to jump on it.

Procrastination can cause us to miss out on important opportunities. When we put things off, we may not have enough time to take advantage of opportunities that come our way. By beating procrastination, we can seize these opportunities and make the most of them.

5. Increased self-confidence

I speak on this often. When you beat procrastination and accomplish tasks that you once thought were too difficult, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. This can boost your self-confidence and help you tackle even bigger challenges in the future. It can also teach you to trust yourself even the future.

Who couldn’t use more of that?

Beating procrastination is essential for leading a successful and fulfilling life. By doing so you can complete and accomplish more, live a less stressful life, produce higher quality work, take on exciting new opportunities, and send your self-confidence skyrocketing.

Want to learn more about how to avoid procrastination and how other amazing and successful women also deal with procrastination in their daily lives?

Come to the second event in my Spring Sip and Share Series on Procrastination this Friday, March 31, 2023. You can register here! It’s free AND you get free gifts for registering!

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