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Feeling Like That B^$#& Again!

That was me, a few days after implementing my plan I posted about last week. It's possible the workout and 20 minute hydro bed massage I had on Friday may have helped, but I owe most of this feeling to getting things done.

There's nothing like the feeling of getting things done that you’ve wanted to do FOR YOU.


It’s good to give, but when we give so much that we don’t follow through on the promises we make to ourselves- everything else falls apart.

We’re not even good “givers” anymore.

By using the steps that have worked for me in the past, I pressed forward after a tough two weeks and began to feel so much better about myself.

I think what I chose to start with was also important as well.

I focused on the things I had been promising to myself. One thing that I wanted THAT WAS ALL for me, not for anyone else. Then I started with the easiest task towards it. Getting that one thing done sparked a little fire under my overwhelmed and shut down mind (and booty).

The ideas have been flowing ever since, and while I in no way accomplished ALL the things I’ve been putting off, I’ve started making progress again. I even planned a series of events in my private group to get everyone talking about getting out of their own way.

(If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll hear about it first. If you aren’t on my mailing list, you can do that by heading over to my homepage and signing up for my FREE guide).

I got back to my old creative and fun self, which is crucial to everything else.

That same creative and fun self also felt a teeny bit more motivated to get a few loads of laundry done, reach out to all my kids’ teachers, and deal with some tech issues I've been avoiding- things I am NEVER motivated to do!

The important takeaway here is that I focused on my promises to myself first.

Even though I sometimes struggle with keeping promises to all the people who count on me, I still keep WAY more of those promises during the rough and crazy times than I do the promises I make to myself.

I often talk about what keeping your promises to yourself does to your confidence, self-esteem, and self-trust, but it also gets you- the real you- moving again, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally.

YOU are back in the flow of things.

When you start putting yourself at the bottom of the list, it’s a HUGE sign that you MUST stop and focus on yourself, even if it’s just one small thing.

Show yourself that YOU are still important.

Otherwise, no one and nothing else will be.

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