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How to Know What You Need to Change

You know that making change can be tough, and it often doesn’t happen until we’ve reached a breaking point that is so far past miserable, it’s a wonder we can do anything at all.

Imagine all the time and energy gone, and the damage that stress has done to your body while you’re waiting to break?

What if you could avoid all that wasted time, energy, and built up frustration?

It's possible!

But you must pay attention.

When you know something isn’t right for you or you feel like something is “off,” that’s the time to lean in and allow yourself to be very aware.

Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

-How do you feel?

-What thought(s) were you thinking when you started feeling this way?

-How do you act or want to act as a result of these feelings?

I cannot over stress the importance of self-awareness in ALL aspects of life. We can’t create the life we desire when we don’t know or understand our true selves.

What makes us happy? What shuts us down? What takes more from us than gives?

One of my clients, after paying attention to the signs and listening to how she’s feeling as opposed to what she’s used to telling herself, decided to share with HR that her current job may not be the one for her. She shared ways she could work in different positions or that she could continue to work until they found someone to replace her, but they should be looking.

She took an inventory of the events going on in the last few months. She listened closely to the things said by her supervisor and she paid attention to the emotions and thoughts that occurred during these events and interactions

It was a scary move for her, especially since she’s a single woman who has always taken care of herself, but she can tell this is headed toward a situation that will not end well for her.

And she knows it’s going to cost her more than money. It’s affecting her health and mental well-being.

If you'd like to learn more about becoming more self-aware (trust me, we can ALL use it) reach out and let me know. I love writing, talking, and teaching about it and I could easily make it the topic of a free workshop or coffee chat in my private group on Facebook.

If you’re not in there yet, head on over- Create the Life You Desired- Get Out of Your Own Way and Stay Out!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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