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Release the Pressure to Change

We don’t just “wake up” and become a new person.

As you read that, I bet you totally agreed.

But what if I told you there is still a part of you that thinks it’s possible?

Many of us still have the mindset and thoughts that we will become the person we want to be when we lose the weight, get a vacation, feel more motivated, start the new year, change jobs, (fill in the blank).

But it’s just not true. It’s not possible.

You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly eat better, exercise more, give your best in every situation, pay more attention to your children, spend more quality time with your loved ones, make plans with all the friends you’ve been meaning to reach out to, AND rock all the steps you need to take towards your personal and career goals.

OH…and repeat that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That’s just too much to put on one person. Hell, that’s a lot to put on a GROUP of people.

We are ever evolving. Each day we should aim for progress, no matter how small.

And through time and work, our “new” person will be “new” compared to who we were a year ago or many years ago, as opposed to who we were yesterday.

So, if you’re feeling like January is almost over and everything has to change really soon, you can give yourself permission to release that pressure RIGHT NOW.

You won’t change overnight, but you WILL change.

And in the time it takes for you to build those skills, you will strengthen those muscles and find it much easier to maintain the “new” you.

After all, maintaining the energy, effort, good habits- that’s the hardest part.

Start small.

Focus on what you value the most.

Is it peace? Treating yourself and others with love? Giving your best?

Use your power to stay focused on what you desire, to make decisions based on what you desire and before you know it, you’ll be accomplishing what you desire.

All of it.

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